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Re: [pct-l] boots

>From: "Bob Turner"  <bturner@enaila.nidlink.com>
>ken, I too had poor ankles before our trip last year. I chose the Vasque clarion
>mostly on their fit.
>BTW I haad so severely ruined my left ankle that in '91 I had to have 
>surgery to correct the "drop", a result of all the torn ligaments.  my ankles 
>really did strengthen during the trip... or else I finally learned to walk.

I can definitely empathize Bob. I broke my ankle on the cobble stone
trail heading up the north side of Muir Pass about a decade ago. I was
able to hobble down to Leconte Canyon, which unfortunately put a lot of
stress on the other ankle.

I wish I could hike in runner shoes like I once did; as some of you
do, but now I exclusively wear Limmer boots, orthotics and an
occasional ankle wrap for even a weekend stroll. I do a lot of ankle
exercises, but come winter my ankles really complain about the 30
years of abuse that have been done to them.

Ironically, last summer my hikiing partner of nearly a decade slipped
and broke his ankle in the Muro Blanco. Fortunately we only had two
miles of extreme bush wacking left (four miles for me since I had to
go up and back retrieving packs and finding less difficult routes to
descend). Wisdom prevailed this time and I made my partner wait in
upper Paradise Meadows until I had him packed out the next day. This
really saved on compounding matters more. He recovered much quicker
than I had and we just did a ten miler last weekend; he should be
ready this coming summer for more fun on the summits...although he has
to wait until I get back from Nepal :-).

Happy hiking!
        Dave Encisco
        NASA/Ames Research Ctr., MS 262-6
        Moffett Field CA, 94035-1000

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