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[pct-l] re:boot questions

Thanks Charlie Thorpe and others with the boot help. I've requested 
literature on the Solomon line of boots and am looking forward to trying a 
few pairs on (they've got quite a line). I was really surprized how 
comfortable a supposedly very supportive boot like the Asolo Globaline was, 
in comparison to the out-of-the-box feel of my older Yukons. I've always had 
to do the moleskin thing before a hike with these, even when using the 
double-sock method.  A couple weekends ago, I tried them without heel 
protection and got blisters in two miles (carrying nothing more than a 
daypack with essentials). I told myself that given they're a well broken-in 
pair of boots, I shouldn't have to be tolerating this and maybe a new pair 
with a different fit is in order. Thanks again all

Best of trails- Ken Marlow
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