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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #413

The guy who wrote the book I'm reading
>says that San Gorgonio Pass is a "great draught channel" and that the 
>blowing through are strong enough to etch car windshields and take the 
>off cars and buildings; is  wind a problem in other areas south of 

Well, this is my first post to this list, but I have been an avid reader 
for some time now.  Thanks to all of you who have shared you knowledge 
with us rookies.  I finally feel as though I may have something to 
contribute.  All of So. Cal. is prone to high winds in the canyon areas.  
Especially when conditions are right, winds can reach in excess of 
50mi/hr in the canyons (thats why wind generated power is possible in 
and around Palm Springs).  Don't leave home without chapstick or a 
windbreaker.  the extra couple of ounces will be a blessing when those 
winds kick up.  As a general rule the winds are worst between 3 P.M. and 
the early morning hours due to the difference in heat between the high 
desert and the low inland areas close to the Pacific ocean.  When they 
get started, branches, leaves, sand, and any other small items can be 
blown with incredible force.  

I for one am taking a windbreaker, chapstick and sunglasses to protect 
my eyes and skin from this specific "event."  I would recommend you do 
the same.

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