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[pct-l] Mt. McLoughlin & Oregon Cascades

> From: 	Jorj Laing
> : 	[pct-l] Mt. McLoughin & Oregon Cascades
> I was wonderinf if anyone knew what time the trail to the top of Mt. 
> McLoughin clears up. I was thinking this would be a good side trip to 
> look over the Sky Lake Wilderness Area, and wondering if catching it
> in 
> realative snow free condition is possible by Jardinian Time Tables... 
> *:o)
> Jorj
> PCT 98'
I side-hiked Mt. McLoughlin on my PCT hike last year.  I got there
August 14th and there were only patches of snow on the peak.  (I left
Campo May 4th, and got to Manning Sept 20th.)  There's a great view from
up there.  You can see all of Sky Lakes Wilderness and even the rim of
Crater Lake if you know what you're looking at.  As the guide book says,
if you get there on a clear day, don't miss it.

Here's a clarification though.  The guide book's description ( Vol. 2,
map C1) says the hike takes 2-3 hours.  This is true, but I thought that
meant a round trip.  It took me 2.5 hours to get to the top.  With an
hour  break on top, the round trip took me about 6 hours.

Yeah, it took just as long to come down as go up.  That's thru-hiker
shape for you.  Without my pack, I didn't need much rest on the way up.
On the way down, my perpetually sore feet kept me from going too fast.

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