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[pct-l] PCT-L admin note

As you noticed there have been a couple of spams posted via the list. There
is a mechanism that can restrict this, but as with all security
precautions, it comes with problems and inconvieneces.

This involves limiting posts to only those exact addresses of people who
are members. Majordomo gets this address from your e-mail headers when
you sign up. Occasionally the mail systems at large organizations such as
universities or corporations will be reconfigured causing a slight change
in your mail headers and WHAM! You can't post to the list any more.

Depending on the feedback I get, I can invoke this additional security if
the list wants it but it may be easier to hit the delete key than to force
a part of the group to sort out mail problems. If the frequency of the
spams increases, we can reconsider. I guess it depends on how much the spam
offends you.....

Please let me know how you feel.         
Brick Robbins
PCT-L List Admin  
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