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[pct-l] Ice Axes and Guns

> Question for people who have hiked the PCT before:  Where would the best
> place be to start carrying an ice axe?  Do the trail conditions this
> because of a heavy snowpack, warrant an axe in the San Jacinto's and/or
> the Mt. Baden Powell area?  Or, could the axe be best received at Kennedy
> Meadows?  Or, not until Lone Pine?
> Thanks,  Jim


I have the solution to both the ice axe question and the problem of illegal
immigrants in the southern area possibly preying upon unsuspecting PCT'ers!
 Carry an ice axe from Campo!  With the heavy snow falls of El Nino in
southern California you are bound to need it through the San Jacinto, San
Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains (and of course the High Sierra's) and
when yielded with an angry face it will provide a healthy deterant to those
focusing on making off with your possessions!

Heck, I Live In L.A. and don't own a gun.  But I do own two ice axes!

Greg "Strider" Hummel.
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