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[pct-l] Re: Southern PCT, Santa Ana and other winds

> From: 	William C. Speers
> In preparing for my PCT hike, I'm reading a book on the California
> deserts.
> It says that in April and May there are strong consistent winds
> blowing from
> the west with considerable force that carry snow and rain, and Santa
> Ana
> winds blowing from the north and east that are hot and dry.  Does
> anyone on
> this line have any thoughts with regard to the existence of such winds
> and
> the effect they would have on a hiker along the southern PCT?
	There's potential for lots of wind all along the PCT.  Some of
the best parts of the trail follow ridge tops!  These offer fabulous
views in good weather, but little protection from storms when the
weather gets bad.  I hope your rain gear offers wind protection as well.
You shouldn't need two solutions.

	The PCT goes through several wind farms, the first of which is
at San Gorgonio pass.  (Where  Interstate 10 goes through.)  These
places are so consistently windy that power companies generate
electricity with wind mills there.  The strongest winds you'll run into,
though,  will come with storms.  They can happen at any time.  One storm
in '97 had gusts strong enough to blow us off the trail.  I estimated 70

	All that said, I don't consider southern California wind to be
one of the major obstacles on the PCT.  In hot weather, wind is a
definite plus!

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