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[pct-l] Re: Southern PCT, Santa Ana and other winds

In preparing for my PCT hike, I'm reading a book on the California deserts.
It says that in April and May there are strong consistent winds blowing from
the west with considerable force that carry snow and rain, and Santa Ana
winds blowing from the north and east that are hot and dry.  Does anyone on
this line have any thoughts with regard to the existence of such winds and
the effect they would have on a hiker along the southern PCT?  Specifically,
should I expect to have to add a windbreaker to my rain and other gear, thus
increasing the weight of my load?  Should I expect to have to hole up to
avoid blowing sand, chill, etc.?  The guy who wrote the book I'm reading
says that San Gorgonio Pass is a "great draught channel" and that the winds
blowing through are strong enough to etch car windshields and take the paint
off cars and buildings; is  wind a problem in other areas south of there?

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