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[pct-l] Gooey Bananas

On 03/07/98 15:30:51 you wrote:
>A while ago someone mentioned dehydrating bananas dipped in honey and
>cinnamon.  Any specifics on the technique?  I've made one gooey mess,
>but it sure sounds good.   Thanks. 

Guilty as charged! The secret is not to get too much honey on the bananas.  
I sliced about 4 bananas medium thick and poured about 1/2 or less of honey 
mixed with cinnamon on them. Let each slice drip a bit back in the bowl 
before you place it on the tray -- a little is better when using honey. It 
took overnight in my Harvest Maid to process them and they do come out 
chewy. It gets too messy if you dip too many bananas at a time, but I did do 
8 trays at a time. Have you tried the dehydrated watermelon yet? Slice 
medium thick, remove the seeds, pat dry and dehydrate overnight or longer, 
but make sure it dehydrates completely or it will turn moldy on you -- sweet 
stuff!  I also did pineapple tid-bits (from a can) dipped in the honey.  I 
wanted to try mardarin oranges but didn't have enough time.

Eating dehydrated food requires you to drink lots of EXTRA water. Hiking in 
the desert and eating lots of dehydrated fruits and meats (unless 
reconstituted by cooking or soaking first) gave us stomach aches. In the 
Sierras it was a different matter and gave us plenty of energy -- but lots 
of gas too!  Candy bars (forget the chocolate -- it melts) and granola bars 
with honey were good in the desert, but hard candy was the best (especially 
lemon and peppermint), it lasted a long time and kept our mouths moist.  

Leave town with some fresh fruit.  A big hunk of cheese is also great for 
the first few days.  We ate a lot of "Laughing Cow", the secret is to find 
ones that have never been refrigerated.  It stays good a long time, we had 
some shipped back from Burney Falls in late October and it was still great!  
If you like spicey things, pepper cheeses are delicious.

>Also any great / unique meat recipes?  Got all
>the normal stuff, but looking to add some spice and variety.

By normal stuff do you mean "jerky?"  Harvest Maid has some great jerky 
mixes.  Have you tried Terykai sauce?  We bought jerky at Costco already 
done, it was delicious and inexpensive compared to the supermarkets.

Happy dehydrating! Don't worry if you feel you don't have enough done, the 
Hiker Boxes usually will have plenty to fill the void and you won't have to 
do it! 

Pat -- Happy Trails Couple  #:~)

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