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Re: [pct-l]JMT passes et al

On Fri, 6 Mar 1998 20:38:58 PST "Bill Kristy" <BCK@dev.urel.berkeley.edu>
>BTW, thanks to El Nino I'm thinking about doing the JMT instead of 
>the Sierra High Route starting August 23, only because I'd like to 
>leave the ice axe at home, and with all the snow up there now I'm 
>wondering if JMT passes but not SHR passes will be safe axe-less by 

  Oh, no problem on either by end-August, I'd imagine! I always like a
pole-or-something for the snowfield on Forester Pass, but that's probably
because I'm wobby/"accident"-prone. I'm trying to recall all the High
Route Passes...: I don't think El Nino snow (not _that_
out-of-the-ordinary) would be much more of a factor on them late-season
than in any year, but, personally, I feel comfortable with an ice-axe on
anything even slightly slippery that's cl 2 (see the klutz-factor above),
like whatchacallit pass over the Silver Divide.          bj

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