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[pct-l] October Snow in North Cascades

We've all been talking about snow pack in the Sierras being the big 
controlling factor in whether to hike this year.  Jardine warns us of 
the onset of winter in the Washington Cascades, so we all rush to 
finish the trip before October.  But has anyone ever been turned 
around by a early winter storm in the North Cascades?  If we stretch 
our minds, can't we do a little fall hiking?  Although it would be 
nice to hike only in the sunny summer months, I don't have a problem 
with hiking into fall.

I know hiking in the rainy fall months can be a real drag for out of 
staters, but in Washington, hiking in the rain is a way of life. 
 Couldn't a person just carry extra provisions and more winter gear 
and stretch the hike out into mid to late October?  I'm by no means an 
expert on thru hiking and its requirements, nor am I accustomed to 
hiking long distances in potentially dangerous conditions, but I can't 
help but wonder...  I don't want to get killed or end up on the 5 
o'clock news, but why can't we hike in October?

PCT 98 - youbetcha
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