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[pct-l] Drift Box

Now that you have evaluated, purchased, and sorted out your food 
requirements and mail vs buy towns, don't forget your DRIFT BOX --a box 
containing personal items you may not be able to purchase in some towns and 
that you do not mail to every town!

I would like to make some suggestions about the items to include in it and 
hopefully others will make suggestions too.  This box can help make life in 
town less stressfull, especially if it is a small place.

Any prescription medications you take regularly (in larger quantity as a 
back up).
Large bottles of aspirin, tylenol, creams, first aid supplies, etc.   
Flashlight batteries, bulbs.
Films, camera battery.
Paper, pen, stamps, envelopes, post cards.
Extra Zip Lock Bags, trash bags, tyvek or ground cover (optional)
Clothes; town clothes or change of temperature type (warm - cold), 
sock/liners, shirt, bandanns, surefeet or orthotics, etc.
Toiletries; hotel sized shampoos & soap, razor (??), deoderant, perfume, 
after shave (small bottles), Wet Wipes, etc.
Outdoor, boot/shoe, catalogues; REI, Campmor, Roadrunner, etc.
Repair kits; tent, shoe, glasses, etc.
Extra pair of eye Glasses or contacts 
Addresses & phone numbers 
Scissors, packing tape
*surprise yourself -- stick in something your craving!

The box doesn't have to include all the above and it doesn't have to be 
large. We continually sent back and asked for items from home. It is a 
personal "comfort kit" to include anything else you might like to add that 
would make life on the trail easier up (or down) the trail! Sometimes we 
only need a couple of items from the box, but it was great not to have to 
worry about their availability and PRICE at the various towns.  This was 
especially true from Kennedy Meadows on!

ATM's were great for ready cash, but most big towns took plastic everywhere 
(restaurants, motels, grocery stores, etc.).  Walt and I did purchase 
travelers checks before we left and in nothing higher than a $20.  Phone 
cards were great too and a great gift if a loved one wants to get you 
something but doesn't have a clue on what to get.

I know I have forgotten something important -- at my age, it happens -- 
sorry!  Others will fill in for me

Can hardly wait to get back out there and hope to see you on the trail!

Pat -- The Happy Trails Couple   

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