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Re: [pct-l] Uncle Nino

BLISTERFREE@delphi.com wrote:
> A big 'thank you' should now be making the rounds to all who responded to
> my note of concern over snowpack and thru-hike worries.  I'm reminded by
> all the optimistic feedback that attitude goes a loooong way in making a
> long hike happen.  I need to stay positive in the upcoming two months,
> while remaining flexible, so I can mentally handle the hike if trail
> conditions look good AND be able to accept the alternative and do
> something else instead.  Now if only the airline industry could be
> positive and flexible along with me. <g>
> I was just saying in another forum that I think two of the real key
> ingredients to pulling off a distance hike are your wit and your options.
> Wit allows you to assess your situation on the trail, whether you possess
> the ability to proceed safely in adverse conditions (steep snowfield,
> bad weather gathering, physical ailment).  Well-considered options allow
> you the ability to see beyond an adverse situation and think in terms of
> the overall hike.  Realizing ahead of time that the Sierra might harbour
> unpassable snow in June, and being willing to skip around them - maybe
> returning to hike there later in the season - is one _option_ which was
> mentioned.  The more I strategize over how to handle a heavy snowpack
> situation, the more it seems there are options, and the more viable this
> hike becomes even with strong adversity.
> My first option still seems to involve starting later in May, and perhaps
> only hiking to Ashland, OR.  Does anyone know if Ashland has an airport
> which is served by major carriers - or would I need to bus up to Portland
> for a flight back East???
> Thanks folks...
> Keeping one eye glued to that snow page,
> - Blister>Free
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You might try Horizon or United Air Link.  American used to fly into
Eugene, not sure any more.  Of course, depending on when you get to
Ashland, I may be able to drive you up to Portland.  My husband is one
of hopeful class of 98, and once he gets into Oregon, I plan on
resupplying him on weekends ( We live an hour north of Portland).  As 
any of the 98 crew gets into Oregon and Washington I'd be happy to help
out when I can for those needing support.  Good luck to all.  Mary

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