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[pct-l] Uncle Nino

A big 'thank you' should now be making the rounds to all who responded to
my note of concern over snowpack and thru-hike worries.  I'm reminded by
all the optimistic feedback that attitude goes a loooong way in making a
long hike happen.  I need to stay positive in the upcoming two months,
while remaining flexible, so I can mentally handle the hike if trail
conditions look good AND be able to accept the alternative and do
something else instead.  Now if only the airline industry could be
positive and flexible along with me. <g>
I was just saying in another forum that I think two of the real key
ingredients to pulling off a distance hike are your wit and your options.
Wit allows you to assess your situation on the trail, whether you possess
the ability to proceed safely in adverse conditions (steep snowfield,
bad weather gathering, physical ailment).  Well-considered options allow
you the ability to see beyond an adverse situation and think in terms of
the overall hike.  Realizing ahead of time that the Sierra might harbour
unpassable snow in June, and being willing to skip around them - maybe
returning to hike there later in the season - is one _option_ which was
mentioned.  The more I strategize over how to handle a heavy snowpack
situation, the more it seems there are options, and the more viable this
hike becomes even with strong adversity.
My first option still seems to involve starting later in May, and perhaps
only hiking to Ashland, OR.  Does anyone know if Ashland has an airport
which is served by major carriers - or would I need to bus up to Portland
for a flight back East???
Thanks folks... 
Keeping one eye glued to that snow page,
- Blister>Free
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