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[pct-l] Re: El Nino

Don't give up hope just yet Bliterfree, it could be that the Southern part 
of California will be much better for hiking this year than most years, more 
available water and maybe cooler too!

When you reach Kennedy Meadows if the snow outlook is still unfavorable and 
DANGEROUS an alternative would be to hike out Cottonwood Pass to Lone Pine. 
You could then take the bus to Tahoe and hike north and avoid the heavy 
snowfall in the Sierras. After making it to Canada you could return to Tahoe 
heading South finishing your hike throught the Sierras with a side trip up 
Mt. Whitney.  You would probably avoid hiking through Washington during the 
rainy season -- what a plus!

Yes, this would break the continuity of the hike, however, given the choice 
between not going because of the heavy/late melting snows this would be a 
good alternative.  You also couldn't have a much better ending than hiking 
through the Sierras in the fall with a magnificent finished atop Mt. 

Good Luck!  The Happy Trails Couple

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