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[pct-l] TCT information

Here is a list of the Trans Canada Trail contact people. Some time ago, I
asked if anyone was interested in other trail associations access
addresses, and the response was positive enough to indicate that such a
message could be posted to this list. For those who aren't interested,
please skip over the following.

Trans Canada Trail Foundation
6104 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal (Que.) H4A 1Y3
e-mail: info@tctrail.ca

Alberta TrailNet
11759 Groat Road NW
Edmonton, Alta. T5M 3K6
(403) 287-0795

British Columbia
Trails BC
24208 - 102nd Avenue
Maple Ridge, B.C.  V2W 1J1
(604) 466-8456

Manitoba Recreation Trail Association
70 Ben Ham Way
Winnipeg, Man.  R2E 1A6
(204) 663-7999

New Brunswick
New Brunswick Trails Council Inc.
Suite 103, 320 Maple Street
Fredericton, N.B.  E3A 3R4

Newfoundland Trailway Council
P.O. Box 306
Gander, Nfld.  A1V 1W7
(709) 256-8833

Northwest Territories
Great Slave Snowmobile Association
127 Dagenais Drive
Yellowknife, N.W.T.  X1A 3A5
(403) 920-4188

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Trails Federation
16 Forest Road
Halifax, N.S.  B3A 2M3
(902) 425-5440

Trans Canada Trail - Ontario
P.O. Box 3511, Stn. 'C'
Ottawa, Ont. K1Y 4H7
(613) 763-3302

Prince Edward Island
Island Trails
P.O. Box 265
Charlottetown, P.E.I.  C1A 7K4
(902) 894-7535

17460 ave. St-Onge
St-Hyacinthe (Que.)  J2T 3A9
(514) 774-0597

Saskatchewan Parks & Recreation Association
#210, 3303 Hillsdale Street
Regina, Sask.  S4S 6W9
(306) 780-9262

Yukon Trails
21 Bluebell Place
Whitehorse, Yuk.  Y1A 5V1
(403) 667-3960

        As I said when I last posted on this, the trail is unfortunately a
melange designed to include everybody who could possibly use a trail,
including bikers (both kinds), snowmobilers, canoeists, horses, wheelchair
users, etc. It's a political kind of creation to gain the widest amount of
support, although I think that the support gained may be wide, but will be
quite shallow.

Cordially (and in the throes of our mildest winter in 110 years),

R J Hayes
Devon, Alberta, Canada

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