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RE: [pct-l] s'no worries

Yes this year is looking like a "Heavy Snowpack" year in the Sierra's.
The snow sensor graphs are a very useful gage of the snowpack.  The one
thing to note, more important then the amount, is when the melt takes
place.  In almost all the graphs the main melt starts around the
beginning of April.  Look at 1995, the total amount of water was less
then we have right now, but the melt did not start until May.  That year
I did the JMT, in July, and there was as much snow in the Sierra's as
when I hike the PCT in June of '96.

The key here is to be as flexible as possible.  Keep looking at the snow
conditions up until you leave, and be willing to push back your starting
date.  Leaving a few weeks later can make a big difference.  Also, you
might want to plan to hike slower in Southern California.

One other thing to remember is San Jancinto <sp>.  I was up at Warner
Springs this weekend and San Jancinto was under a lot of snow.  You
might consider carrying an ice axe yearly on.  I will be going up the
Idyllwild in about three weeks and I'll report on the amount of snow.

Tim and Ann
The Ravens  PCT '96

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