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[pct-l] s'no worries

Happy to see I am not the only one worrying about El Nino.  It will be =
my first
thru-hike ever this year and I don't want to screw it up.  I was starti=
ng to
think about removing 3 weeks to the itinerary by choosing the 4 1/4 mon=
th one
over the 5 month one.  This way, I could start on May 23rd instead of M=
ay 2nd
and still finish October 1st...  I have consulted the snow surveys and =
snow is
all over the place.

Does it make such a big difference delaying by three weeks with that mu=
ch snow
?  I think so, but if anyone can help with other advices.

Eric Paradis   eparadis@ca.ibm.com
Services Informatiques
IBM Canada Lt=E9e

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