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Re: [pct-l] Motel at South Lake Tahoe

At 11:46 AM -0500 2/27/98, Vaughn, Ron wrote:
>Regarding rates at the Sunset Lodge Motel in South Lake Tahoe, the motel has
>cheap rates Sunday through Thursday nights, and then the rates are about
>double for Friday, Saturday, and holiday nights.  The area sells out as
>weekenders from Sacramento and the bay area swarm over Lake Tahoe.  In 1997
>the rates were about $32 for a single room with bath, cable TV, and included
>pick up and drop off at Echo Lake (call from the Echo Lake pay phone).
>The motel is a five minute walk to lots of restaurants (including fast food,
>Chinese, AYCE, Italian, pastry, etc.), laundry, huge supermarket, K Mart,
>bookstore, banks and post office.  Ask about the motel hiker box.  There's a
>local bus service for two bucks all day, which will take you all over town
>(including the casinos).  From the casinos there is a nice bus to Reno
>airport for less than $20 (a bargain compared to the $130 cab fare).
>Sam, the motel owner is very friendly and helpful.  Truly one of the nicer
>stops along the PCT.
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alan, this msg indicates the pacific crest goes by south lake tahoe!

Please see if there is some local book that covers that area. I'll buy it
and leave it with you as a gift.  Might have you have breakfast in Lake Tahoe
Drop me off with snoe shoes and I'll hike out over night(s). I'll call you
on my cell phone and we can them met again the next day or two and have
dinner or lunch on the lake depending how it goes.  Just another idea in
the hopper.

MCI has now lowered its rates. it's 9 cents 24 hour/day and on Sunday only
5 cents.
per minute.


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