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Re: [pct-l] Belly Beasties

I rec'd a private flame about my Giardia post yesterday and it occured to
me that I may have not been understood. I repost an excert from my answer
to the flame to further elucidate my comments:
>Sorry for the crab about Giardia, but you were technically wrong and I
>felt it needed to be corrected.

There is a difference between being vaccinated and getting sick. You build
resistance to an organism both ways.

Gradually exposing yourself to a live virulent organism will not vaccinate
you. It will get you sick. That was the main point of the post.

I have been told by Dr Ben Shiffron, MD, (co author of the PCT Guidebooks)
that we never build a resistance to intestinal parasites like Giardia: some
folks just learn to live with them asymptomatically.  

Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          

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