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Re: [pct-l] Belly Beasties

From: "Robinson, Brian A" <brian.robinson@Tandem.COM> wrote:

>Yes it's you and me and the others on
>this list who bring Giardia into the mountains every year.  We're up
>there early each year and because we're not having problems with
>Giardiasis, we can be more careless than some where we "dump" and where
>we wash ourselves and our clothes.

I agree 100% with Mr Robinson.
This is the REAL reason for the rules on how and where to bury  turds. I
hadn't thought about washing clothes though, not that I was them that often
while backpacking <gdr>.

FWIW, other omnivores like rats an marmots also serve as hosts for Giardia,
so we are not the only villains! Also as unpleasant as Cow fouled water is,
ominivores like horses and cows are not Giardia or Cryptospoidium hosts
(yes, I can provide documentation........)
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