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[pct-l] Good Single Wall Tent

I was looking into a single wall tent a few months ago.  The most 
highly recommend tent was Stephenson.  Here's what I dug up on them.

I actually have mixed feelings about my tent, which is
the two person single-wall (2X) version.  My first tent was a Clip 
and the Stephenson is the second tent that I have purchased so please 
this in mind.

     Here are some of the pluses IMHO:
(1) I have not weighed the tent but it probably is about as 
lightweight as
(2) The tent is truly roomy inside.  The dimensions are as advertised. 
(3) The tent is very easy and quick to set up
(4) The tent design and quality of construction are top-notch
(5) I have had reasonably good service from the company

     Here are some of the minuses IMHO:
(1) they are very expensive
(2) you need to handle them with care; one of the reasons the tent is 
    light is that the nylon material used is very light and thin and 
    be handled with care.  Also, the instructions say to avoid 
    the tent to direct sunlight as it will degrade the material.
(3) my biggest problem by far was condensation:  I had a lot of it!  I 
    discussed this with Jack Stephenson and he thought that I was 
    too warmly and moisture (sweat) was coming through my sleeping bag 
    well as the moisture from my breath.  I believe that he is correct 
    I am going to try a few things this winter to see if I can reduce 
    condensation (I doubt that I will be able to eliminate it).
    Something to keep in mind is how big of a problem is condensation 
    you?  For example, if you plan to use the tent in a lot of cold, 
    weather it can be a major problem; otherwise, it could just be an
    inconvenience that can be remedied by wiping the inside of the 
tent out
    before you pack it up in the morning.
    Backpacker magazine had an article saying that they also 
    significant condensation with the single-walled (X) tent but had 
no problem
    with the double-walled (R) tent. But the "R" tent is of course 
    But be aware that if you choose an "X" tent that it cannot be 
    to an "R" tent.

     Also, be aware that there may be a backlog when you order.  I had 
wait roughly six weeks for mine when I ordered it in April.  They will 
seal the seams for you for an extra $50 or so; I had them do this and 
did a very good job.  Finally, if you decide to order one of their 
I would suggest getting the windows option; they are screened to keep 
bugs out.  Without the windows you would definitely be too hot 
(they also offer a "big door" option but I cannot remember if it is 
or not).

     If you want any specifics (options, prices, etc.) on the tent 
just let
me know.  Also, I can reference you to the Backpacker article which 
mostly positive.

     After I do more experimenting trying to reduce my condensation 
I'll have a firmer opinion on the tent (my situation is that I want to 
it in a wet and cold environment occasionally).

     Hope that this helps...

I have a Stephenson 3R.  Only problem is condensation but I open it up 
the sides and that works out pretty well.  I believe that there are 
retail outlets but deal with the Stephensons direct.  The tents are 
made to
order with lots of options so they are practically custom made.  I 
the claim that they are the lightest made for their size.

Everitt Hardin
Monmouth, Illinois

There is also info about a Stephenson tent on Tuan's Mountaineering
Page. Tuan used it on Denali.

A rescue group I used to belong to used 3-person Stephensons.  They
seemed strong enough when erected but it was easy to damage then when
setting them up if you weren't careful.

============Christopher Jain=======================================

I have used them for 25 years-- I'm now on my 5th! Use one for the 
PCT. Also Denali, Peru, Ecuador, Everest region. Wouldn't backpack 

Ben Schifrin
Wilderness Press

By popular request, here are the whopping 3URLs discussing Stephenson 
tents, as well as the address I found.  The are also listed in that
GTE Internet yellow pages thing (this is the first time I've ever
found the listing I wanted there).



Rfd 4 Box 145 22 Hook Road
Gilford, NH 03246
(603) 293-8526

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