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[pct-l] tent questions

I've recently sold my only (trail-worn) tent and am wanting to take 
advantage of current sales on new tents, but some questions remain:

Has anyone ever had any problems with tents made with a taffata weave, 
rather than ripstop material, be it nylon or polyester?
I've got my eye on a '98 Kelty Vortex II (11 oz lighter than last year's), 
but they've eliminated the use of ripstop nylon.

Also, does anyone here own a Marmot Nutshell? Is the vestibule really half 
height, as it appears in pictures, and can the fly be snugged any closer to 
the ground than the advertisements show?

Lastly, has anyone seen the new Marmot "Quonset" or Mountain Hardwear 
"Thru-hiker" yet? I've only read minimal specs without pictures.

-Ken Marlow
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