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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #399

Ron and Alan wrote:
>>By the way, this proper disposal issue leads me to ask about the origins
>>of guiardia.  In the early 70s no one ever heard of water filters.  Now
>>they are required.  Who or what happened?
>I have always wondered myself how a creature that has been around for
>of years (probably longer than us) could have suddenly sprung into the
>limelight in the 1980's

I believe Jardine (in the Handbook) hit the issue on the head when he
pointed out that most people have simply lost a certain resistance to
giardia because our systems get used to the (relatively) clean water supply
from city or municipal sources. He exposed himself to the bug in small
amounts - like training - in the months before one of his later hikes, and
reported no problems for the entire hike. If you think about it, this is the
same way we build resistance to disease, as well as being similar to how
vaccines work. Giardia has always been there, we've simply grown apart so
much that being reunited is traumatic<G>.

>We too found this neat trick during the rains in Washington during last
>trip.  Another advantage is that it provides a certain amount of protection
>against the wet for the belonings inside.

I've used this trick on several kayak tours - place the pad into a large dry
bag instead of backpack, stuff sleeping bag into the resultant cavity -
works great!


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