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Re: [pct-l] Re: Chris Hardwicke/fees

In a message dated 98-02-21 08:17:58 EST, kmarlow@ngs.org writes:

<<  Don't know if this will be much help, but here goes: Prior to the
Cleveland National Forest (I believe the first administrative area you enter
on the PCT) instituting, as a test program in four (?) U.S.F.S. areas in So.
Cal, a recreation fee, there were no fees to hike the trail. 

You may even be exempt from that fee, considering the nature of the hike. I'd
give them a call. >>

Yes, the Cleveland National Forest IS the first administrative area you enter
on the PCT when starting at Campo. 

Re the fee for the four USFS areas in SoCA, there is no fee for just hiking
through. I don't have the released information, but in simple terms, the fee
is charged for parking your vehicle within those areas. If one drives into
those areas, drops hikers off and drives out of the area there is no fee. If
one drives there and parks, goes on a hike (or just gets out and throws
snowballs), they must display a permit (daily or annual). 

<< ... My best guess is that you MIGHT incur a minimal processing fee for  the
permit(s). The permit process may have changed, but when I did the hike in
'82, I believe Cleveland National Forest's permit got me all the way through
California.  >>

Yes, the Cleveland National Forest can issue a permit that will allow hiking
the PCT all the way through California. There was no fee involved last June
when I received my current permit.

I believe the PCTA can issue a permit valid for the entire PCT. I don't recall
if there is a small processing fee involved or not. I would check the PCTA web
page or call the PCTA office. 

Charlie Jones
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