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[pct-l] New guidebook 2 the Florida Trail

This book review has run on the AT & (new) FT mail lists.  I'm copyin' it 4
yr. pleasure & w/Solar Bear's permission.  I have the book & agree - it's gr8!
I met Dragon Lady and her husband Hermit on the AT in '95; she/they've done
many a trail.  DL allows that there's an error in the following review:  she
hasn't hiked every step of the FT, 'tho her co-author, Joan Hobson has, and
probably knows the FT better than any other person.  As 1 of the thru-hiker
helpers mentioned in the book (& livin' in a trail town!), and w/some 8,000
mi. under my pack, I say get it & come on down.  2 get on the FT mailing list:
<http:/www.iag.net/~fbt/mailing_list.cgi> Wanchor

Now, 4 Solar Bear's Review:

Most hikers have only sketchy information about the 1300 mile Florida Trail
(FT).  The lack of information has been an impediment for many backpackers who
might otherwise consider a thru-hike of the FT.  Even here in Florida most
hikers limit themselves to the sections in their part of the state.

All that may be changing with the publication of a new book specifically for
FT thru-hikers.  Susan Roquemore (Dragon Lady AT'93 & AT'95) and Joan Hobson
have hiked every inch of the FT and prepared the first FT thru-hikers guide.
It's called "From Here to There on the Florida Trail - A Companion Guide for
Long Distance Hikers."  It contains maps, naratives mail drop points, trail
angels who will shuttle and other hiker services, water sources, resupply
stores, and specialty info regarding the unique aspects of Florida hiking.

The prime hiking season on the FT is November to March, offering thru-hiking
opportunities to hikers from the rest of the country who would rather not deal
with the extremes of winter hiking.  This I believe is the key factor that
will lead to eventual success of the FT as a destination for thru-hikers.
And, of course they will need a guide book of the FT.

This book has been a labor of love for Joan and Susan and includes years of
effort and research.  Those of us who are Florida Trail Assocation members are
in awe of the work they have put into this book and are happy to make the
larger backpacking community aware of it.  If you have any questions or would
like to purchase this book, contact Susan.  Her Email is <droque@gator.net.>

Happy trails,

Solar Bear
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