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[pct-l] re: pad tip

Great tip Joyce! I've been using a packing techique with my internal when it 
comes to packing the tent. It would only work if you have any vertical 
dividers disconnected or removed. Rather than use small, narrow stuff sacks 
that often comes with tents, grab a large sack, stuff it loosly with your 
tent (minus the poles) and place it first down your pack's main compartment 
(ontop of the
divider separating the sleeping bag compartment). If the stuff sack is large 
enough, the tent can form a layer the width of your pack from which to pile 
everything else on (which will help compress the tent). If your expecting 
rain, you might want to have the tent up higher and rely on your pack's 
external compression straps to compress the tent. It makes stuffing a breeze,
 particularly on cold mornings with gloves on.

-Ken Marlow
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