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[pct-l] Buses in San Diego County

Two items: The bus to Campo, and the bus connection at Scissors Crossing

1.  The Southwest Rural Bus schedule to Campo remains unchanged from
last year.  It runs 362 days a year, leaving El Cajon Transit Center at
about 3 p.m., arriving Campo at about 5 p.m.  You can call them up to 7
days in advance to make a seat reservation on the bus.  The phone number
is in Ray's book (which I left at home-sorry).  One way fare to Campo is
$2.50 pp.

2.  The Northeast Rural Bus stops at Scissors Crossing (SC) on Mon,
Tues, Fri, and Sun.  In the morning the bus is headed to Julian,
stopping at SC at 8:45 a.m.  The bus leaves Julian at 4:00 p.m.,
arriving at SC at about 5:10 p.m.  This is a nice way to spend the day
enjoying the tourist-oriented town of Julian.  Julian has a medium sized
grocery store, a full service pharmacy, and several restaurants.  The
town is nicely treed, so there's lots of shade, and it's high enough to
feel cool compared to the dessert.  A small park in town is a great
place to hang out for the day.  Sadly, Julian seems to lack cheap motels
for hikers.

The bus actually starts its morning run at Borrego Springs at 8:15 a.m.,
and returns that night at 5:30 p.m.  Borrego Springs has two medium
sized grocery stores, and several motels (something Julian lacks), and
lots of restaurants.  A hiker looking for a shower could take the Monday
evening bus to Borrego Springs, and return to SC on the Tuesday a.m.
bus.  Hitching a ride might also be an option if the bus schedule
doesn't match your needs.

There is also bus service between Warner Springs and Borrego Springs,
but I won't have that schedule for a week or so.

For further information, the Northeast Rural Transit System can be
reached at 760-767-4287.  I found the person running the office to be
extremely helpful and friendly.  Borrego Springs and Julian each have a
web site with some information of interest to hikers, but they are
mostly for car travelers.

For those who are looking for a way home from SC, the bus to Julian
eventually goes all the way, or makes connections to El Cajon Transit
Center.  This may be a useful bail out point for section hikers, or
those who wish to skip some portion of the PCT.  FYI, I have heard of
bus service to Lake Moreno State Park, for those who wish to skip some
of the border activity along the PCT.  I suspect that this service would
be provide by the Northeast Rural Transit System.

Brick: maybe some of this is worth including in the next update?
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