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Re: [pct-l] Stove Fuel Accidents

>I once had a conversation with Rick Ridgeway about his American 
>Expedition to K2. On the way back down the mountain his partner blew up
the Bluet 
>and set his sleeping bag and part of the tent on fire.
>Your stove is not imune.

   Aw, don't _say_ that!  Seriously, my Bluet and I have an arrangement -
I promised not to "blow it up", and it swears to take good care of me... 
   I'm curious, tho, why (or how) anybody would blow up these stoves.
(and why, judging from the compressed gas explosion I mentioned
witnessing), the only damage was the bag/_part_ of the tent being merely
"set afire" - heck, I could do_ that_with a candle-lantern oreven a
match!  Hmmm, suppose whanging on the canister with  crampons/icepick
while the stove was burning would do the job; stripping the threads or
not screwing down the canister sufficiently could set the stage for a Big
Bang, too.  And if that fails, you could always set it on top of on of
those pyrotechnic liquid-gas stoves, chuckle..... bj

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