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[pct-l] Re: Hiking Ashland to Hood

In 97 my dad and I hiked OR (Seiad to Columbia R.)
1)there isn't a fee (unless you join the PCTA or some other group)
2)at that pace, I'd plan for it to take from 3 to 4 weeks.  We did our section
in 32 days, but we had some long days (20 - 23 mi) and some short (5 -10 mi)
and it avg. out to about 15 a day.  probably closer to 3 weeks
3) I'm not sure about lockers, we had my mom resupply us 2 times (Crater L.
and Hiway 242)
4)my dad never would tell me how much.  we own all our gear so food was our
biggest expense and I estimate that at a couple of hundred $
5)we went without any prior conditioning.  We're both in fairly decent shape
anyways, but even if you went on some rugged weekend trips (if possible) a
little beforehand it would probly be a good idea.  the part that killed us was
our feet, they were'nt used to going 15 mi/day.  once they got tough (after a
week or so)life was better
6)I'm not sure if it makes you a wussy (i've haven't gotten totally sucked
into the culture), but personally I would recommend taking something just in
case.  I have an Amateur Radio License, so I usually take my handheld 2-meter
along for emergencies.

Good luck on your trip!  I really enjoyed doing Oregon.  We're doing
Washington this year, and I'm hoping to thru-hike it in '99, mex to Can.
don't be surprised if you run into snow.  we did, even in late july, august.
all went well though.  Enjoy!
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