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[pct-l] Food Drops at Red's Meadows

I used a food drop at Red's Meadows Resort several years ago.  The
resort charges a fee for the service.. be sure you pack your stuff
in a vermin-free container (I used a tin popcorn can) as their storage
facility leaves something to be desired.  It also helps if you paint
the container in some wierd scheme so you can find it easily in their
storage room.

You can easily hitch from the end of the bus route at the top of Minarette
Summit, or if you are in a hurry there are telephones, ATM machines, etc.
available and you can call a cab.  That's what I did.. cost me $20
round-trip and the cab waited for me at the Post Office while I got
my package.  DO NOT do what I did.. mark the package "Hold for Hiker".
Even though it was clearly addressed with the Red's Meadow Resort address
the PO dutifully held it in town!

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