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[pct-l] Re: TP and LNT from a through hiker POV

>It is hard to appreciate the need for LNT when you pass hords of empty 
>beer cans and spent shell casings near each road crossing.

   Well nobody ever implies thru-hiking (or Life) is supposed to be
_easy_! [G] Seems to me that seeing the result of not packing-it-out
would be a powerful Incentive to LNT, not the other way 'round...
   As far as hair-splitting over what acreage is "wilderness",
"pristine", whatever: the city/neighborhood/street where I live is a
Slob's Paradise by anybody's standard, but that doesn't incite me to
throw garbage out the window, pee on the sides of buildings, etc.
Different strokes, of course, but rather than reserving our good manners
for only  the "nice" places, oughtn't  it be our goal to treat everywhere
we go with wilderness-worthy respect?     bj

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