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RE: [pct-l] re:JMT and List Question.

A comment on Cottenwood Pass and Siberian Pass.  My wife and I have
hiked out of Horseshoe Meadows at least nine times and we have found
that Cottenwood is the best way out.  When you hike out of Horseshoe
Meadows there are only three passes Trail Pass, Cottenwood Pass, and New
Army Pass.

New Army Pass is the highest and up in a real nice area.  Being the
northern must pass you will hike straight down to Rock Creek.

Cottenwood Pass is a very easy hike, about 4 miles, and not a lot of
altitude gain.  Once on top you can go north past Chicken Spring Lake
and down to Rock Creek, or you can go west to Big Whitney Meadow.  From
there you would have to turn north and hike up and over Siberian Pass,
and then on down to Rock Creek.

Trail Pass is the southern must pass. If you are doing the JMT you will
be taking the trail to Cottenwood Pass.

In my opinion you should go over Cottenwood Pass, by Chicken Spring
Lake, and down to Rock Creek.

If you are hiking out in Aug. we might see you.  Ann and I will be doing
the Theodore Solomon trail.  It runs from Cottenwood Pass to Yosemite,
but it is in the western Sierra's at lower altitudes and a little
longer, 375 miles.

Tim and Ann
The Ravens  PCT '96   JMT '87 '90 '92 '95

> Jim writes:
> Ken when are you planning your JMT hike? I am planning<with a couple
> of
> friends> to do the JMT from 8/15/98-9/1/98.  I am planning on entering
> from
> Cottonwood Pass, or the Siberian pass.  If you have any suggestions on
> these
> two passes it would be helpful. 
> Hi Jim,
>   I'm planning on 8/17-9/10, North to South. I don't think I can help
> you 
> much on
> those East side passes. I think I've been over Cottonwood Pass but I
> haven't 
> done Siberian Pass. Perhaps someone on the list can help here.
> Another question for the list: At one time, wasn't there a school bus
> type 
> shuttle run by the Park Service up and out of Red's Meadow? Does this
> still 
> operate and can it get me to Mammoth for a food drop pick-up?
> -Ken Marlow
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