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Re: [pct-l] re:JMT and List Question.

Jim asked:
<< Ken when are you planning your JMT hike? I am planning <with a couple of
friends> to do the JMT from 8/15/98-9/1/98.  I am planning on entering from
Cottonwood Pass, or the Siberian pass.  If you have any suggestions on these
two passes it would be helpful. >>

and Ken replied:

<< I'm planning on 8/17-9/10, North to South. I don't think I can help you
much on those East side passes. I think I've been over Cottonwood Pass but I
haven't  done Siberian Pass. Perhaps someone on the list can help here. >>

I can't compare the two passes as I've never been over Siberian Pass.
Cottonwood Pass is good as you are going through the pass within just a few
miles after leaving your car at the Horseshoe Meadow trailhead. But ...

I hiked the JMT in '96 from north-to-south. IMHO, that's the best way. You
begin at lower elevations for passes and increase as you go south to the
highest point on your trip (Mt. Whitney) and with your lightest load. Take a
look at the trail profile for the JMT (start with the PCT Web Page and go from
there). By the time you reach Forester Pass @ 13,180 feet and Mt.Whitney @ 14,
495 feet, you'll be in great shape. 

<< Another question for the list: At one time, wasn't there a school bus type
shuttle run by the Park Service up and out of Red's Meadow? Does this still 
 operate and can it get me to Mammoth for a food drop pick-up?  >>

In '96, there was a shuttle from Red's Meadow to Mammoth. I don't know if it
was operated by the Forest Service or not, but that's not too important. It
was a commercial venture in that you paid for the service ($4 - $6 for the
round trip). It's main function was to reduce the number of cars driving into
the valley. Campers can drive their vehicles down. Generally, if you are there
for the day only, they want you on the shuttle.

If you need the shuttle only becaus of a food-drop, you might consider using
the store at Red's Meadow. They do not accept mailed-in packages, but if you
deliver it before your hike begins, they will hold it for you at the store. In
'96, they charged $1 per day for each day up to 20 days. If they held it for
more than 20 days the price was still $20. 

Charlie Jones
JMT '96 
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