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[pct-l] re:JMT and List Question.

Jim writes:

Ken when are you planning your JMT hike? I am planning<with a couple of
friends> to do the JMT from 8/15/98-9/1/98.  I am planning on entering from
Cottonwood Pass, or the Siberian pass.  If you have any suggestions on these
two passes it would be helpful. 

Hi Jim,
  I'm planning on 8/17-9/10, North to South. I don't think I can help you 
much on
those East side passes. I think I've been over Cottonwood Pass but I haven't 
done Siberian Pass. Perhaps someone on the list can help here.

Another question for the list: At one time, wasn't there a school bus type 
shuttle run by the Park Service up and out of Red's Meadow? Does this still 
operate and can it get me to Mammoth for a food drop pick-up?

-Ken Marlow
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