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[pct-l] Re: TP and LNT from a through hiker POV

I don't mean to be "toilet paper incorrect" but remember that probably less
than 25% of the PCT is 'over used' wilderness area.

The vast majority of the PCT is not wilderness at all. It is not as urban
as the AT, but except for the section between Kenedy Meadows and Red's
Meadows, you still cross a road almost every day. Vast sections of the
trail (IMHO) could stand for lots more traffic just to keep the vegitation
from growing on the tread. I bet there are 500 miles of trail that are only
walked on by through hikers.

It is hard to appreciate the need for LNT when you pass hords of empty beer
cans and spent shell casings near each road crossing.

Once you hit the High Sierra the feel of the trail changes, and the need
for LNT begins, but by then you may have to search for bare dirt to bury
your TP. 

Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          

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