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[pct-l] tent materials

Has anyone had any misfortunes with a tent having 1.9 oz nylon tafata, and 
1.9 oz coated polyester tafata for the main tent body and fly respectively? 
I've always had uncoated and coated ripstop nylon for these components. I 
understand the benifits of using polyester for the fly material, but I'm 
concerned about the tafata weave. 
   I'm replacing an old tent that my wife and I share, and had my eyes on a 
Marmot Nutshell, until I saw the '98 Kelty Vortex 2 (at 11 ounces lighter 
than the '97 Vortex). But reading the fine print, the Kelty uses tafata 
weave throughout. Is this a problem? Will a tear really keep increasing on 
tafata material or is the ripstop benifits a marketing gimmick?

-Ken Marlow
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