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[pct-l] Re: Stove Tech, Tyveck

On 02/17/98 16:27:26 you wrote:

Hi Carl,

Walt & I also used a Wisperlight, it'd worked great!

>One guy we met last year, Lynn, I forgot his last name

His name is Lynne Wheldon
>used some sort of solid sterno pellets, a thin piece of aluminum, and 3 
rocks to hold up the pot.  Does anyone know more about these?  

Yes, they are great too and very light.  Walt said you can get them at most 
military surplus stores.  On the East Coast we see them at the "Sunny 

>Seemed very light, no fuel container, easy to see how much 
is left, etc.
>Lynn also had really light tarp material, some sort of silicone coated
>ripstop nylon.  I'm not sure if its lighter than tyvek or not.

We are pretty sure Lynne was using "Tyvek" a thin insulating material used 
in houseing and also by many laboratories for uniforms.  This material is 
extra light, durable and you can now purchase jackets, lab uniforms,and 
other miscellaneous items.  DuPont is the maker and they sell the uniforms.  
We sent away for information, but didn't want to buy "100" lab uniforms 
(their minimum!)  I don't remember is Quest Outfitters sells any of this 
material now or not.  Their number is  1-800-359-6931.

>p.s.  Does anyone have an email address for Tick, aka Jason, pct 97 ??
We haven't heard from Tick since Vermillion -- would also like his address, 
both snail and e-mail!

Happy Trails,  Pat 

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