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[pct-l] RE Bad Habits

        While this topic has surfaced once again, I'm reminded of something
I've wondered about:  how is human solid waste different from animal solid
waste? As backpackers, we need to exercise proper habits, to be sure, and
many listers have offered good suggestions and opinions on that.....But
either way, for instance, does human waste have microorganisms that are more
dangerous than what the critters have?  Is it slower to break down than
animal feces?  Is there something to fear if people before me failed to
exercise proper habits when dealing with solid waste?  (Apart from
inordinate concentrations of people like at Whitney Meadows, or places where
it would only accumulate, or most any semi-popular backcountry destination,
obviously....).  Does anyone out there know or has anyone read anything on
this topic?
Kevin Corcoran
Palmdale CA

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