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[pct-l] Training

How best to train?

I am planning to address the following issues in training:

 Leg muscle condition:   Walk up to 60 mi. / week in training
 Back muscles:  Carry 30# pack while training
 Ankle strength:  Walk some of training on sand (6-12 mile segments)
 Upper body warmth:  Calisthentics for upper body while training
 Foot condition:  Wear shoes to be used on trip
 Hill climbing muscles:  Training walks to include hills (500-2500')
 Walking off pavement:  Hill climbs on rougher trails

I realize I have not addressed altitude training, but I am not sure I know
how to do that.  I did Whitney from 12,500 overnight without altitude
sickness, so I hope I am safe on that count.  

Any further training suggestions?  Any references?
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