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[pct-l] corrected beta test request

I've been staring at the screen a little to long today while it rains outside.

The URL for the beta page is http://www.gorp.com/pcta/os_store.htm

I just finished the new PCTA online store with a secure credit card

I can't make it crash any more, so I would appreciate some help testing it. 

Any orders you place won't be fufilled, so don't worry about placing lots
and lots them.

In addition to letting me know about any system failures, I request
feedback on useablity and clarity of instructions. Also please let me know
if you find any typos.

There is extensive data checking so please feel free to enter expired
credit card dates, leave data blocks empty, etc. You should be prompted for
corrected information. If you feel that you have entered everything
correctly, and it still won't take your input, please let me know so I can
track that one down.

The program checks for valid credit card number, so you can use
1111-4444-1111-4444 for either visa or master card. If you choose to enter
your own card numbers I assure you that the security software is fully
functional "IIS Secure Server", and I promise I won't store, distribute or
buy anything with your card number<g>.

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