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RE: [pct-l] Fuels

>Maybe we need to change the way we dispose of our tp?  Maybe a mention
>in the guidebooks about fire danger?  Maybe I'm trying to save the trail
>from people the guides don't reach?
It ishard to know what to recommend. For a  hike or overnight, sure, you
can carry out your TP, but in most places that aren't hypercrowded, the
notion still strikes me as ridiculous-- TP biodegrades very rapidly if you
get it wet, and although it is visual pollution, the turd is the real
potential health hazard. On big walls, poop tubes make great sense. But on
a multi-week go-light... I don't think so...

i think there are 2 kinds of wilderness users: the 98% who camp, shit and
wash away from lakes, streams and trails, and the 2% who treat the
wildeness like they treat their homes, towns and highways.
The latter don't read, don't know, don't obey laws and don't care.

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