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[pct-l] Apologies and SoCal Updates

I have 2 apologies:

1) I tried to send this message once, and it didn't seem to get out-- if it
is a duplicate, please ignore it.

2) I was off-line for a while, and didn't answer a lot of mail. I also
managed to delete the return addresses to specific questions, so I'll post
the answers to the general list:

A) PCT Book Volume 1 & 2 Updates: Call Wilderness Press directly, or send a
stamped, self-addressed envelope to them in Berkeley, for FREE update pages
to each book. Each update is cumulative-- it includes everything we know
(or think we know-- thanks to all for the corrections), since the last
editions were published. These updates come out in early spring of every
year. Don't leave home without them!

B)  Stephenson tents: still a lot of questions about them. They are pricey,
but they are POUNDS lighter than ony of the tents discussed on this list. I
f you are pathologically weight-conscious, or just want a great tent that
sleeps 2, has huge windows, and is so light (1 Lb 12oz- 2.5 Lb) that you
will always carry it, give Stephenson a call: 603 293-8526. They do NOT
have an internet presence, that I am aware of.
Contact me if you have more questions-- Jack Stephenson and his tents are

C) So Cal snow and water: I was there 3 weeks ago, and will revisit April
3. My perception, based on 25 years of retracing the same ground: this will
be a wet Spring in SoCal and the Sierra. Expect all water sources to be
good. Expect snow. Know how to use an ice-axe.

D) Going light, in general: A great idea-- what a genius Jardine must be,
to have thought of it, first! Just don't do it on the PCT, if you haven't
done it, before. The trip of a lifetime is no time to experiment with
equipment, technique or food. Do things that you KNOW will work, and use
stuff that you KNOW won't break. Remember-- you will get very strong, very
fast. You will have no problem walking 17-20+ miles daily, with whatever
size pack you have. All the early parties routinely carried 70-90 pounds,
and they still did the whole enchilada. Carry some fun-- good food,
cameras, tape recorders, books.

E)Lightweight footwear: Another great idea. But you have to KNOW what YOUR
feet can handle

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