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[pct-l] Stoves

Firstly, alcohol has one quarter the heat per oz. of white gas, so if you
would carry a pound of white gas (about a pint), figure on 4 pounds of
alcohol.  Where is your weight savings now?

Total weight comparisons
			Stove    Fuel*    Total

ZZ Sierra		  20	     1	   21
ZZ Sierra mod  	  15	     1	   16
Trangia		   6	    16	   22
Tin can		               3	    18 	   21

I have modified a Sierra to save 5 oz, about 3 more can be saved, bringing
total down to about 13 oz.  Fuel for Sierra is birthday candles to start
duff, charcoal, cones.  Wet are OK.  Don't gather fuel over 9,600 feet, it
pisses off smokey.  Gather fuel at lower elevations for those high camps
(but you only have to carry one day's fuel).

Be sure you burn your fuel to clean ashes (no charcoal) and scatter them
when stone cold carefully where plants are already growing and can use the
nutrients.  Don't scatter them in a stream, even if they are clean.

If you want to participate in the ZZ Sierra mod study, clean your stove
spotlessly and mail me that you want to try modifying it.  I have some more
things I want to try.
Dave Gomberg	mailto:gomberg@wcf.com
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