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[pct-l] Canada in 2000!

Tony --

     I received your '98 mission plan in the mail for a hike from Sierra City
to Ashland.  Very interesting!  My son, Brian, skipped the resupply points at
Old Station and Etna.  You might bypass Etna, at least, because of the long
side-trip for 2.5 days of food.  Other comments regarding "easiest and well

     The longest dry spell on the entire PCT is not in the southern deserts,
it's on the Hat Creek Rim.  Brian also said the climb out of Seiad Valley is
major up.  But things flatten out nicely (relatively speaking) through Oregon.

     At Burney Falls (the park, not the town), two thru-hikers, Justin and
Katrina, had their packs stolen when they left them for a few moments to fill
water bottles.  It pays to keep a close eye on things when you're around
"civilized" people.  
     Good hiking!  --  Roy
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