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[pct-l] Re: [at-l] Jenny Wiley National Recreation Trail

In a message dated 98-02-13 01:50:40 EST, palm@soleil.acomp.usf.edu writes:

> Can anyone point me towards a guidebook, map(s), or web page for
>  the Jenny Wiley National Recreation Trail?

I have a booklet called Kentucky Trails Guide.  It is a few years old.  It
describes the Jenny Wiley Trail as running 163 miles from Jenny Wiley State
Park in southeastern Kentucky to South Portsmouth in northeastern Kentucky.  

The contact identified is State Naturalist, Kentucky Department of Parks, 12th
floor, Capital Plaza Tower, Frankfort, KY 40601.  (502) 564-5410.

I hiked a few miles on this trail a few years ago.  The way I got maps was to
purchase the relevant topos and send them to some fellow who marked the trail
route on them.  Things may  have changed by now.

There is also a connector between the Jenny Wiley Trail and the 254-mile
Sheltowee Trace.  Sheltowee Trace info is Daniel Boone National Forest, 100
Vaught Road, Winchester, KY 40391.  (606) 745-3100.
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