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[pct-l] Park Business Permits/guiding costs

bluesky@Rt66.com (Karen Elder) wrote

>Do you have any idea *how* expensive the permits are? (I've always
>wondered.) (This is starting to look like a business I want to get into!)

First off, remember that we are talking about permits to do business in the
Parks and Forests, not just hike through them. I worked with an outfitter
that offered a Muir trip last year (see
http://www.netreach.net/~redrock/index.html ) he charged $1450 for the 21
day trip, and that included food, transport from San Fran to Yosemite and
from Lone Pine to Las Vegas and coordinating a food drop at Muir Trail Ranch. 

I seem to remember that he said the permits were on the order of a couple
hundred each for the two parks and the Inyo NF, so just the business
liscence to put on a trip like this would probably run $600 to $1000. On
top of that, each gov't entity has a different permit process.

Figure 5 tourists so about $7000 income.
21 days x 5= 105 days of meals @ $10 = $1050
Van and Driver to Trailhead. $250
Van and Driver from trailhead. $250
Aranging food drop at MTR, $200
Permits $1000
Personal Gear for the Guide (you I assume) ??

That leaves about $4000 for insurance, advertising, phone calls, planning,
AND baby sitting the whining tourists for a month. Not really that good a

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