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[pct-l] Water at Scissors Crossing

All this talk about water at Scissors Crossing reminds me that a San
Diego County bus (stops right at the road crossing every morning about
8:30 am., and for a dollar will take you to the small town of Julian.
Julian is up in the apple growing country, so it's cool and there's lots
of trees and shade.  The town has a medium sized food store, a drug
store, and several tourist oriented restaurants, plus a Subway sandwich
shop.  After that first week in the dessert, the cool shade of Julian
was very welcome.  Sadly, Julian seems to lack a cheap lace for hikers
to spend the night, or even get a shower.

The bus stops back in Julian around 5 p.m. to deposit you (and your new
load of fresh, pure water from a water fountain in town) back at
Scissors Crossing by 5:30 p.m., refreshed and ready to make some miles
towards Barrel Springs.

Is there a list subscriber who lives in the SD area that would call the
San Diego County bus operation, and post the schedule for the bus I am
describing?  A posting of the current schedule and fare to get from San
Diego to Campo would also be appreciated!
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