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Re: [pct-l] Re: PCT/ Bikes-Outside Mag.

I don't understand why you addressed this message to MManzano.   The original
msg was from Ken Marlowe.  I answered with a book title from a famous writer
which came to mind when I read Marlowe's post.  Do you have a problem with
that?   Gypsy (MManzano)

In a message dated 98-02-11 11:00:06 EST, you write:

<< WOW, You should be so proud of yourself.  Not only are you a hiker, but a
thief as
 Last time I checked two wrongs make a right.
 You have now reduced the probability that the vehicle will ever be moved.
 Good job.  Thanks for improving the trail.
 MManzano@aol.com wrote:
 > Ken Marlow <kmarlow@ngs.org> wrote:
 > << I was hiking a section of the PCT in the
 > Lagunas that was accessible by nearby jeep roads. On the PCT was an abandon
 > truck who got stuck on the trail. I was fuming when I saw this. I popped
 > hood and took all the spark plug wires and distributor cap and packed them
 > out. >>
 > Gypsy >>
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