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Re: [pct-l] Re: mountain bike/PCT

>bluesky@Rt66.com (Karen Elder) wrote:
>>just have to somehow get permission to operate in the two national
>>parks involved (right? Yosemite and Sequoia - isn't it kind of
>>difficult to do that?)]
>Not hard. You just have to by a liscence from both parks, and Inyo NF. Not
>hard, just expensive. FWIW, the price is not all that bad for a fully
>guided 3 week trip, with transportation at both ends, and all the
>food/permits. If someone was coming from overseas for a 3 week trip with
>limited time it wouldn't be that bad a deal. Just a little over $150/day
>per person.

Do you have any idea *how* expensive the permits are? (I've always
wondered.) (This is starting to look like a business I want to get into!)

I do find $150/day to be rather expensive when the accommodations have to be
carried on one's back. Consider that you could go on a "fully supported"
cruise, with food and permits paid, for the same amount.  :)  But a lot less
satisfaction...  :)


Karen Elder
P.O. Box 20093
Albuquerque, New Mexico
87154 USA

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